Thursday, April 14, 2011

Catch-up Part 2

Check here for catching up part 1.

Tuesday my friend Alison came over after work to check out my new bathroom. While on vacation I had my downstairs bathroom completely gutted and re-done. I'll post pictures, but not quite yet (there are a couple of people I want to see it in person first ;) ). Below are the before pictures:

The shower (and this is after I cleaned it)
Marigold tub surround
View from the door

You can see why it needed to be remodeled! As soon as I saw the house (even though I loved it) I knew this room desperately needed some attention and T.L.C.. Well it certainly got it! It looks like a completely new room now; amazing!

Alison and I got a pizza from a place near my house that has some of the best pizza I've ever had! I had some baby carrots on the side to try to add some nutrients to the meal. Then we chatted while watching Friends. It was a nice fun and relaxing night.

Yesterday was a memorable day for me due to the fact that I tried Chobani Greek yogurt for the first time EVER and LOVED it! I was so nervous that I would hate it since it has taken me a while to like yogurt in general - it freaked me out for such a long time because it contains live cultures...eek! - but it was sooo good and good for you. I highly recommend it. And for those of you who are a bit skeptical like me, Chobani has coupons on their website (here) so you can try it for even less! Who doesn't love coupons (or at least saving money)!

Another note worthy 'event' that is taking place this week...the first signs of spring at my house!!! It's my first spring in the house since I moved in at the end of August/early September so I never had the chance to see what flowers grow here.

Well I still don't know since they are just sprouting but here's what they look like. If you have any guesses, please share!

These blue babies are growing near my foundation

And these buds are all over the front of my house

I have no idea what they are but every day when I get home from work I take a little time to check them out and see how things are progressing...and if they are becoming more recognizable to me!

Tonight I made a very yummy and snazzy iced tea. I took 5 bags of I Love Lemon tea and poured boiling water over them and let them steep for about 5-10 minutes. Then I mixed in some sugar and sliced up a whole lime and half a lemon and put the slices in the tea. I'm keeping the slices in to let everything marinade together.

Look at those yummy fruit slices

And on that note we are all caught up! Cheers! Have a happy Thursday night and great Friday morning!

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