Monday, April 25, 2011

Dinner and a show...

Sorry about not writing yesterday - I had this great idea for a blog post but I lost track of time doing online blog research last night! Next thing I knew my night was gone and I needed to hit the hay. I stayed in CT one last night and drove back to NY this morning. What a long commute! ;)

Anywho - you're probably wondering about this post's title. Well! This evening I am having dinner with my good friends Emily and Jason! They are having me over for dinner (we try to swap back and forth every month or so) and I am PUMPED! I LOVE eating at their house because they are some of the best cooks I know! On top of that, they are also home owners knee deep in projects so I like to swap stories, hear about what they're doing, and get some new ideas!

The show part of the evening comes into play with their puppies! (Well, full grown dogs but I still call them puppies). I love getting my dog fix and watching them all play around. It's so fun and hysterical! I used to live with Emily when I first moved to the area and many nights our entertainment would be to watch her dog and our other roommate's dog run around chasing after toys. It sounds really strange, but it is such a good time!

On top of all that, since Em and Jason are such good people they are a foster home for dogs and currently have the most adorable dog staying with them. I was this close to adopting him but my life is too busy right now and I know I wouldn't be able to give him the type of commitment he deserves. I will, however, be sure to take lots of pictures to share with you guys!

I can't wait to come back and report on all the great food and fun we have! I also am excited to see how they feel about the Orange White Balsamic Vinegar I picked up for them this weekend. I know we're having salads on the side so maybe we'll even crack it open.

I have to rush off now because I need to grab a bottle of red wine and head on over! Have a great night and I'll be sure to post a full evening report (and my missing post from yesterday)!

When it comes to wine: are you more of a white, red, or other fan?
I am a white wine fan, hands down. It's so much sweeter - and I like sweet!!

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