Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Weekend at (My Parents') Home

Today was a really great day. I slept in which felt amazing since my sleep tank has been running on empty for about two weeks now. Since I kind of slept through breakfast I started my day with lunch. That was OKAY with me considering my dad had just arrived home from the grocery store and included in his bag were bread and American cheese!!! ;)  Well you know I had to request a grilled cheese sandwich!! They are my favorite after all AND it is National Grilled Cheese Month to boot!


Well as soon as I started eating, one of my little friends came to visit.

Miss Samantha!
She doesn't like to stay put too long so the pictures are a little blurry but she is so adorable! I love her so much!

I thought she wanted to be my friend because she loves me too....but I can see (from the picture below) that she really just wanted some attention!

Tummy rubs

Not too long after this picture was taken her brother came to visit. I tried taking a picture of both of them but as you can see that didn't happen so successfully.
They think I have a treat...but nope

After I finished snapping photos and eating my oh-so-good sandwich my mom and I headed out to do a little shopping. Included in our stops were a place that specializes in gourmet cooking oils and balsamic vinegars (and OH MY GOODNESS are they delicious!); Bed, Bath and Beyond; and Lowe's. 

From the first stop (O'Live A Little) I picked up a bottle of this yummy stuff:

The card says it all

I didn't get anything from Bed, Bath and Beyond but at Lowe's, in honor of Earth Day they were giving out one million free tree saplings. Since my mom and I both picked up stuff we each got one! I'm psyched! They are white spruce trees that grow up to 45' tall by 15' wide. I'm thinking if I'm at my house long enough maybe one of them will become a future Christmas tree! How COOL would that be?!

I also picked up a wireless thermometer to put outside. My friends Emily and Jason have one almost identical to this and I think it's so cool! The little person on the side tells you how to dress based on the temperature outside.

My last fun 'Yes, I am a homeowner' goodies included brochures on sheds and patio stones. Woo Hoo! I'm sure I'll have a fun night sometime in the near future going through all the possibilities that lie ahead of me in those two pamphlets.

On the way home we needed to stop off at the Creamery to pick up some ice cream to go with the bunny cake tomorrow. Since the flavor I wanted doesn't come in a half gallon we got a quart of Cow Tippin (coffee and peanut butter ice cream with oreo pieces - YUM!!) and a quart of toasted almond (also YUM). Since we were already there I also got a small dish of Cow Tippin because it was SOO good last night!

Things were pretty low key for the rest of the evening. We had dinner and chatted for a while before heading out to the 8:00 Easter mass. It was such a great service! I love the candles and singing and everything about it. 

When we got home, the three of us finally dug into the desserts I bought Thursday night after the concert. They were just as good as I imagined they would be and I'm so happy I waited to share because my parents loved them too. :)

Now it is late and I'm getting sleepy so it's off to bed for this little camper. I hope you all have a wonderful Easter tomorrow! I'll be sure to stop in and tell you all about the Bunny Cake and delicious food! MMMmmm!

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