Sunday, April 17, 2011

Two Types of Friends

Since the downstairs bathroom is now completed, I have a renewed desire to cross things off my 'house project to do list'. I have had the trim around the windows in the living room taped since last fall and decided yesterday was the perfect day to get that done.

Through owning my home I have realized I don't like doing projects alone. I like to chat with people while I work. Unfortunately I'm flying solo today so I settled on the next best thing ...

I spent the afternoon with my good Friends Monica, Chandler, Rachel, Joey, Pheobe and Ross. :)

I LOVE this show. When it first came out I never really watched it. It was only after I graduated college that I really got into it. My friend Amanda owns the entire set of DVDs and a while back she let me borrow them and work my way through all the seasons in order. Well after that I just fell in love with the show! I went on and bought my own set!

Watching the show now is so great because the characters are pretty much the same age as I am and seeing them go through life's up and downs (with a comedic twist of course) provides a kind of sentimental comfort. And the show is just hilarious so the fact that I laugh out loud throughout most of each episode doesn't hurt either. ;)

So with my Season 1 Disk 5 all prepped and ready in my DVD player I tackled the trim. It's kind of sad that I have to paint it because the color of the wood is just beautiful but it was a bit banged up when I moved in so it needed to be repaired with wood putty and the paint will cover that. I have also already painted the baseboard trim in most of my house so the windows need to match.

Wood color to start with
I forgot to take a before shot of the windows - although I'm sure I have one somewhere - so after I got a little into it I figured I should probably snap a shot before it was all done.
In progress

All done! Or at least all primed...

After I finished the window I still had some primer in my little hand held bucket thing so I decided to paint the door going from the living room to the kitchen. The other side of this door is already white so I wanted this side to match. You can see the wood putty on the bottom of the door below the door knob (The white stripe along one of the wood dividers is paint - again I started before taking a picture...haha ;) )
After being primed

By the time all of this was done - my hands were pretty much covered in paint (no idea how!) and it was time for me to go get ready for going out to spend some quality time with my real friends. It was Saturday night after all! :)

Brian and Wendy
Kevin and Amanda
Jessica (new friend to me) and Ian
And Amanda and I

We all met up at Wolff's Biergarten because a friend of ours was in town visiting and another was celebrating a birthday! Now, based on the name, you can probably assume what kind of beverage is mainly served. Well I am not a beer girl - not a huge fan of it at all but I figured since I was there I should try and give it another shot. When the waitress asked what I wanted I explained that I didn't know because I don't normally drink beer but rather cider so if she had anything that tasted similar to that I'd take it. She brought over two samples and I tried both - neither really struck me as "oooh wow! This is great!" so I just randomly picked one. I forget what kind she said, I think it began with an s and was a logger lager but here's a shot of the MASSIVE stein I received (and this isn't the biggest!).

What you see there is about all I drank of it. I think it was filled up to the line in the glass so I drank about an inch down. I was pretty pleased with myself, called it a night with the beer, and got water for the rest of the evening. In the future, I'll get a glass of wine or stick with good old H2O.

It was such a fun night and the Biergarten itself is such a fun place - you can throw the peanut shells on the floor and there's a fake tree in the back! It's especially fun in the warmer months because the front of the bar is essentially a garage door that opens out to a patio. The door wasn't open last night because it's still cold and it was raining, but I'm sure we'll head back when it's outdoor patio season :)

Now I'm off to do some grocery shopping and other errands and hopefully spend some time out in the sunshine today!

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