Thursday, April 21, 2011

Wardrobe Issues, BBQ and Some Tunes

Does anyone remember my 'week ahead teaser' from Sunday night? I mentioned the band Thompson Square. (Love them!) Well here in the capital region, a local country radio station hosts a series of concerts called the Country 107.7's Rising Star Concert Series. On March 10th I saw Thompson Square and they ROCKED! Tonight I went to see James Wesely.

James Wesley's in the middle

He has such a good voice and it was a great concert! But before I get to that let me rewind.....<<

On my way home from work I reached a personal best. Lately with the insanely high gas prices I've been playing a little game with myself; I guess you could call it a goal or challenge. I kept striving to get over 400 miles per tank of gas before refilling. The past few tanks have been really close but I always have to fill up before I get there.

405.2! Eek!

Well today I did it!!! This was my dashboard shot right after I pulled in my driveway after work. My next trip out though I needed to fill up. The gas light hadn't come on yet but I knew it would be making an appearance very soon.

Hopefully this all make sense soon!
Once I got home I started organizing. I don't know where it came from but I had an overwhelming urge to just get things in order. I probably could have kept going all night if I didn't have plans already. One of the lucky winners of this mood was my collection of random recipes and Food sections of the newspaper. I sorted through them and gathered them all together to bring home (to my parent's house) this weekend. I want to take some time to make sense of it all - consolidate it into a binder and notebook. I'm hoping it will inspire me to actually consult my recipes more often, although cooking for one always stumps me, so who knows.

NY Maple Syrup for my parents and uncle. YUM!
Then I snapped a few shots to make up for my lack of photos yesterday. I didn't mention the NY Maple Syrup because it was a side note to my day but it's good stuff so I thought I'd throw it in. Who doesn't love maple syrup?!  ;)

Below are my Borders purchases from yesterday. The snacks cookbook has so many good recipes and it was only $3.99! I definitely hope to be scoping that out soon. I'm also pretty pumped about the one-day backyard projects because it looks like there are a lot of good ideas in there to get my creative juices flowing on my landscaping.

The cookbook and magazine I bought yesterday

After about an hour of buzzing around my house I decided I should probably get changed since I was still in my work clothes. I had the perfect outfit ready to go in my mind but, as often happens with me, I ran into a bit of a wardrobe snafu. I originally planned to wear the top half of my outfit that I wore to work and just switch out of work pants into brown leggings and a jean skirt. WELL. I apparently don't own brown leggings. This struck me as odd because I could have sworn I've worn them before. ..... Hmm...I'm going nuts. Awesome. :) This encounter did, however, make me realize that I think I've done this before and should probably go buy some brown leggings AND that I really need to organize my legging/tights drawer :-O

Yes those silvery things ARE leg warmers (and I do wear them)

I finally wound up wearing something totally different than what I had in mind, haha! Oh well. Maybe next time. By the time all of this worked out, Kevin and Amanda were at my house to head out to dinner and then the concert.

So excited for the fun night ahead!

Amanda heard about this BBQ place by my house called Rubbin Butts BBQ located in Schenectady. We were all really pumped because who doesn't love a good barbecue joint?! She got the pulled pork, Kevin got a half a rack of ribs and I got a grilled chicken breast. We all got sides of mac and cheese and I believe all had the same honey bbq sauce on our various meats.

Well, I'm sorry to report we overall gave it a 'take it or leave it' review. The chicken was alright, nothing that I couldn't make myself and the mac and cheese was kind of eh. The other two didn't seem overly enthused about their meals either and after talking about it, none of us are in a huge hurry to head back. Maybe I'll give it a shot again later but there are a lot of other places I want to try first.

After dinner we were off to the concert.

As I mentioned above; James Wesley had a GREAT voice and it was a really good concert. He was really funny (or at least I thought so) and I'm really looking forward to seeing what he comes out with in the future. I think he really has the potential to go far. Good luck to him!

After the show, the three of us headed over to my favorite bakery to pick up some goodies.

The yellow pastry is a lemon roll made with lemon sponge cake and filled with lemon creme and drizzled with chocolate.

The chocolate roll looking thing is a chocolate cannoli. I'm not entirely sure what it's made of but it tastes/looks like a chocolate wafer filled with a chocolate pudding type thing, dipped in chocolate, with chocolate sprinkles and drizzled with chocolate. It sounds like a chocolate overload but it isn't - it is just right and phenomenal! YUMMO!

The last one is a tricolored cookie/cake. I love these and this place makes the BEST I've ever had!

I am trying really hard to be a good daughter and bring them home to my parents tomorrow but staring at this picture while I'm typing is making that very difficult. Haha.

Once we finished our little treat trip we headed back to my place where my adorable little (kitty) niece was waiting for us.

Pickles! Love her!
She stayed at my place while we were at the concert since both her parents are heading out of town for Easter and she had to travel with them. I'm not normally a big cat person but she is a sweetie and isn't a mean snarly cat so we're friends. :)

That about wraps up my night! Have a great Friday and for everyone traveling this weekend - be safe! And watch out for all the candy - I had quite the sugar hangover after Halloween and let me tell you - it is NO fun. ;)

Is anyone doing anything exciting for Earth Day tomorrow? 

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