Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Short and Sweet

My post tonight is going to be quick :)

Today's work day was normal although I learned I'm going to be acquiring some new tasks so I'm pretty excited about that since they seem to be right up my alley. After work I ran over to the mall to kill some time and grab dinner. I stopped into Boarder's and bought a cook book on the bargain book shelf for $4 and a magazine all about outdoor projects. Since this will be my first spring in my house I figured I should start to get landscaping ideas.

For dinner I went to Hana Express and got the Chicken Teriyaki dinner. I really just wanted the fried rice but I told myself I needed something more substantial than that. It was good but since I was craving the rice it tasted much better than the chicken. Oh well, I'll listen to my body next time.

After dinner I went to a CAYP (Capital Alliance of Young Professionals) networking social. I love going to these events and today's did not disappoint. I normally do a lot of networking and meet a bunch of people, however as soon as I walked in the door today one of my friends from college that I haven't seen in the LONGEST time was there with his wife and some co-workers. I wound up chatting with them the whole time which was great! I was so happy I ran into them - and there's always next month for networking. ;)

That pretty much wraps up my day so have a great night and I'll catch you on the flip side.  :)

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